Instagram wanted to create a space at Africa and the Middle Easts Premier Advertising and Creative Industry awards where they could show people that creativity unites. ​​​​​​​
I decided to create filters that were based off of Instagram's new CI yet inspired from the very thing Most South African's (the vast majority of attendees) rally behind and are united by: South Africa.
These filters were then applied to photographs shot by the Uncultured Club - one of the leading photographer collectives in South Africa - and then displayed on a live timeline (@liveuncultured) via a digital screen displayed on the stand - designed by the uncultured club.
Inspired by the tranquility found in the areas east of Johannesburg
Durban Haze:
Inspired by South Africa's every sunny, summer all year round, city.
Jacarandas in Bloom:
Inspired by the first day of spring in Johannesburg
The Desserts of August:
Inspired by the flowers that bloom in the Karoo dessert during the months August to October
Garden Route:
Inspired by the beauty of the Garden Route
A Limpopo Harvest:
Inspired by the tropical and colourful natural environment of Limpopo province
Midnight in Bloem:
Inspired by the traditional blankets of the Basotho People who call Bloemfontein home.
Inspired by the point where the warm Tugela and cold Banguela  currents meet at Cape Agulhas
A Nguni Cow:
Inspired by the colour and patterns on the indigenous breed of Cows that are herded here in South Africa.

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